Tuesday, October 31, 2023
part time jobs

Internships vs Part Time Jobs: What Is Better For A College Student?

The transition from college classrooms to the professional world is a significant step in a student's academic and personal journey. Among the...
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Professorship in India: Your Complete Guide

The professorship is pivotal in the realm of higher education, encompassing the provision of advanced knowledge and mentorship to students in colleges,...

5 Tips for Scaling Your Business in a Competitive Market

The business world is a battlefield where competition is fierce and unrelenting. In such a landscape, scaling your business can be a...
career fair

How To Prepare For A Successful Career Fair Experience

Career and job fairs are fantastic opportunities for students to explore potential career paths, network with employers, and even secure job interviews...
Dr. Vityala Yethindra

From Cricket Dreams to Medical Feats: An Interview with Dr. Vityala Yethindra, the Youngest...

Dr. Vityala Yethindra, recognized as the World's Youngest Scientist in Medicine, boasts an impressive resume that includes holding 12 world records, earning...

Competitive Exams: A Chapter, Not The Whole Story

Competitive examinations represent merely one thread in the magnificent fabric of life. However, for many aspirants, they evolve into an all-encompassing endeavour,...
Writing Opportunities To Explore In The Media Industry

Writing Opportunities In The Media Industry To Explore

The media have significantly impacted our daily lives. The focus of media now is digital, as opposed to prior times when it...
Quit your job

Recognizing the Unspoken: Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

In a world where work often dominates our lives, leaving a job can be one of our most daunting and life-altering choices....

What Is A Unicorn Startup? Everything You Need To Know About It

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, a rare breed of companies has captured the world's attention — unicorn startups. These mythical creatures...
healthcare administration

4 Careers You Can Consider With a Health Administration Degree

Health administration is an expansive field, offering several career paths for students to follow. A degree in health administration qualifies students to...