Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Government jobs

The Obsession For Government Jobs In India

Clearing a government job exam in this country is considered a tremendous accomplishment. And if you against all odds get recruited in...

The Implications Of Plagiarism On A Student

Plagiarism is a type of cheating that carries severe repercussions in the academic world. It occurs when a student submits work that...

Managing The Layoff Culture: What Is To Be Done?

In response to challenging economic conditions, companies worldwide are making difficult decisions, resulting in mass layoffs and a significant shift in the...
Prisoners Of The Competition

Discrowning Being The Prisoners Of The Competition

The odour of competition is swaying us from all directions. From eating to earning, people have found themselves predominated by societal pressure....
Viral content

Why Do Creators Want to Make ‘Viral’ Content?

We live in an age where social media plays a large role in being the source of information, entertainment, communication and even...

Here’s How You Can Find A Job That Is Unrelated To Your Degree

It’s increasingly common for college seniors to realize that the major they selected years ago and have been working hard towards completing...
English Language Skills

Strengthen Your English Language Skills For Better Career Growth: Friendly Tips

Having good English language skills, I cannot stress enough, is extremely crucial for your career growth today. While many might be of...
quiet firing

You Might Be Getting Quiet Fired. These Signs Will Help You Know

If your boss is being too easy on you these days, there is something fishy going on. You shouldn’t be happy about...
hustle culture

No Guts, No Glory: What Is The Good Hustle?

The "hustle and bustle" of today's society is admired, and excessive labour is encouraged for assured success. Hustle culture is increasingly becoming...
Quiet Quitting

What Is The Trend Of Quiet Quitting And Why Is It On The Rise?

Going to work every day feels like a mammoth task these days. Moreover, after adapting to work-from-home culture thanks to the COVID-19...