Saturday, September 30, 2023

What Is Barbenheimer And Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About It?

Filmmakers Greta Gerwig and Christopher Nolan have made sure that everyone this weekend will be thoroughly entertained and in for a rollercoaster...
ICC World Cup

ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule Announced: Here’s All You Need To Know

With exactly 100 days to the commencement of the ICC World Cup 2023, the BCCI and ICC have finally announced the of...

Who Is A24 And What Makes Them Different?

A24 is a film production and distribution company that has emerged as a significant player in the independent film industry. A24 movies...

Fun Activities To Do With Your Long-Distance Best Friend

异地恋很难得到through, but you know what’s worse? Long-distance friendships. Near, far, wherever they are, quality time is...

5 Must Watch Shows To Relive Your Youth

Undoubtedly, youth is the most interesting time of our life when we, as people, experience a wide range of emotions and are...
Cannes Film Festival

Delving Deep Into The Cannes’ Red Carpet

The landscape of one of the illustrious festivals has left the netizens awestruck. With the display of prodigious appearances, onlookers have witnessed...
Adopt don't shop

Adopt Don’t Shop: A Mantra That Calls For Putting Into Practice

The pandemic had a long-lasting impact on people's lives, especially the feeling of loneliness and the longing for companionship. However, a happy...
Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities And The Trend Of Global Ambassadorship

The enticing charm of Bollywood celebrities has propelled them to become ambassadors for luxury brands, attracting the attention of international consumer brands....
Sanjyot Keer

Learning About The Culinary World With Celebrity Chef Sanjyot Keer

Sanjyot Keer, an Indian celebrity chef and digital content creator, has always been passionate about cooking. Even though the seed for his...

Startups By Indian Influencers: From Social Media to Business Ventures

The dynamics of social media as well as content creation have dramatically changed during the past couple of decades. On a multitude...