Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Types of anxiety

Types Of Anxiety You Probably Didn’t Know About

The American Psychological Association defines Anxiety as ‘an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood...
balanced chakras

How Do Balanced Chakras Help In Different Spheres Of Life?

Chakras have gained significant attention in recent times, though they have existed since times unknown. The term ‘chakra’ is a Sanskrit word...
Impostor syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome In Different Setups

Have you ever thought about how you feel when you think of your accomplishments? Do you experience a sense of joy, or...
monsoon mood

The Science Behind Your Monsoon Mood

The onset of monsoon is here, and we’re only a few weeks away from the downpour affecting our everyday lives. With a...
Mental Health in India

Destigmatizing The Concept Of Mental Health In India

When we look at mental health in India we perceive the swamped schedule of a day as not being the sole reason...
年代ubconscious Mind

Tame Your Subconscious Mind Wisely For A Better You

The subconscious mind is part of our mind that works beyond our conscious levels. It plays a vital role in shaping our...

Do You Need Therapy? Signs It’s Time To Reach Out

Psychotherapy or therapy is not only a way to deal with and treat mental illnesses, but also a way to improve one’s...
Mental Health

Exploring Bollywood’s Take on Mental Health: 6 Must-Watch Movies

A significant increase has been witnessed in the importance of mental health in society over the past few years. Conversations surrounding mental...
Panic Attack

Effectively Dealing With A Panic Attack

A panic attack is a sudden, acute feeling of terror and accompanying physical symptoms that might happen due to unthreatening ordinary events....
年代tress Awareness Month

年代tress Awareness Month: Learn How To Deal With Stress Effectively

As we get older, stress is something that grows to become a constant in our lives. Even though it comes and goes,...