Saturday, September 30, 2023
Dating Apps

Love At First Swipe: Are Dating Apps Building A ‘Safe’ Space To Protect Users?

Today, we have simplified the search for ‘love’ at a mere swipe left or right on dating apps. But, the recent Shraddha...
arranged marriages

Modern-Day Arranged Marriages: A Modern Take on Tradition

The tradition of arranged marriages has been around for decades in India, and although it was a tradition that was looked down...
perfect love

The Perfect Love Doesn’t Exist, and Here’s Why

The idea of perfect love or a perfect relationship is quite fascinating to imagine, but what exactly is it? Is it the...


Shifting to a different city or state for higher studies or your dream job is undoubtedly exciting. Hunting for a flat though...

Independence Of Two Nations and Everything Lost In Between

15th of August, the Indian independence from the British after almost 100 years of struggle. The joyous day when the British left...
stand-up comedy

The Science Behind Stand-Up Comedy: Can Everyone Do It?

In recent years, stand-up comedy as an art form has evolved very rapidly and is one of the most preferred forms of...
social media

Impulsive Culture Of Social Media: Does Anybody Have Their Own Opinion?

When it comes to talking about the internet, there are a lot of people who emerge from the crowd with very strong...
Live-In Relationship

Are Live In Relationships Acceptable In India?

Saalam Namaste, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Fashion, Cocktail, etc movies showcased Live-In Relationships many years ago. Most young people are afraid of marriage...

In Uncertain Times Like These, Be Opinionated Not Indifferent!

In times when the establishment is failing, doctors are breaking down, the sick are gasping for breath, people are missing the chance...
teens, friend

A Teen’s Advice To All Of Us, “Be Who You Want To Be”

‘You ask too many questions. You should be a journalist’, said my first friend.’ You’re a really good listener. And you have...