Wednesday, November 1, 2023
parasocial relationships

What Do Parasocial Relationships Have To Offer?

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships or interactions between a viewer and a public figure. The viewer or the fan believes to have...
friendship true in nature

Building A Friendship True In Nature

Yaraana is a common notion in India that simplifies the notion of a friendship that is true in nature. The essence attached...

Upbringing: The Essence Of Childhood

Every time you dust and open the albums lying in your drawer, they take you back to the memories of your childhood....

Fun Activities To Do With Your Long-Distance Best Friend

Long-distance relationships are difficult to get through, but you know what’s worse? Long-distance friendships. Near, far, wherever they are, quality time is...
Pride Month

Pride Month 2023: Celebrating Inclusion And Love

The month of June is observed as the Pride Month each year, as it pays tribute to the participants of the 1969...
Qualities while dating

What Qualities Should Be On Your Checklist While Dating

Finding ‘the perfect one’ can be an uphill battle. The impact of certain partner qualities can either attract or repel you while...
Things to discuss before marriage

What Should You Discuss With Your Partner Before Marriage?

There is a tendency in India to glorify the notion of finding a life partner and settling down, without giving much attention...

为什么通信n The Most Important Thing In A Relationship?

我们经常听到通信的重要性n in a relationship, and how it helps in building a strong bond with your...
Romantic Relationship

Romantic Relationship Or Friendship: The Risk Of Placing One Above The Other

When you’re single, spending quality time with friends is easy. For the most part, you are with yourself, and the weekend is...

Who Said Valentine’s Day Is Not For Singles Anyway?

The official day of love is just around the corner. Couples have already begun to fill each other’s hearts with love and...