Tuesday, October 31, 2023
education system

Artificial Intelligence And The Need To Change The Education System

It is no secret that there is an urgent need for reforms in the Indian education system. Due to stressful exams and...

Apple’s Wonderlust: A Glimpse Into The Future of Technology

Apple fans and tech enthusiasts around the world eagerly tuned in to the latest Apple event on September 15th, 2023, and they...
Manikanth Challa

In Talks with Manikanth Challa: The Pioneer of AI in Recruitment

Mr. Manikanth Challa, Founder & CEO, Workruit - A young & dynamic CEO under 30, with his tech passion created Workruit, which...
business website

The Quintessence Of A Business Website For Modern Businesses

岁的技术和挖掘italization is here! Your major objective, whether you're a start-up or an established company, is undoubtedly to...

Decoding The Rebranding Journey Of Twitter To X.com

The blue tweeting bird no more exists. X is the new in. X.com, formerly known as Twitter, created a stir on the...
precision medicine

Precision Medicine & Genomics In India

Precision medicine is reshaping conventional diagnostics and drug therapy by customising treatments to each patient's genetic profile. Genetic fingerprints are used in...
tech-based legal education

What Is Tech-Based Legal Education And Why Is It On The Rise?

The advent of technological innovations has helped to increase the scope of many fields in various careers. As the use of technology...
Additive Manufacturing

What Is Additive Manufacturing All About?

Additive manufacturing refers to the use of 3D printing in industrial production. It enables the creation of materials without the need for...
students on LinkedIn

Why Should Students Have A LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has wrongly been stereotyped as being an only-professionals platform While it may seem bland or solely a job portal, it's actually...
gaming smartphones

5 Budget-friendly Gaming Smartphones To Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Are you unable to pursue your passion for gaming because of the high cost of high-end flagship smartphones that provide an excellent...