Trends of the Month – August 2014


anti jokeThe Opposite of a Joke
It’s the joke so dry and unfunny it’s funny. Anti jokes are the star of the internet at the moment. ‘Roses are red, Violets
are blue. I have a gun. Get in the van.’ ‘ What ’s green and has wheels? Grass, I lied about the wheels.’ Are you laughing?

Indian jokerWhen superheroes go desi
Raj Kamal, a Delhi-based art consultant decided to add some Indian tadka to some famous superheroes and villains. Wolverine looks like he is stuck in some bad job, Super Woman has some ‘Mughal empress swagger’, Yoda looks like a sassy street kid and the Joker poses a big question for you to ponder over

Rahul Gandhi sleepingThe Sleeping Beauty
Rahul Gandhi was caught catnapping in the parliament one fine day. That fine day they decided to debate the price rise which caused a war of words between the Congress and BJP. So much for taking a little nap! Was it that boring, we wonder?

ThorThe boys’ club
Thor, the ultra masculine god-like hero, is dropping his testosterone to embrace his inner woman. Well, not exactly. Marvel announced the new Thor will be a woman. Also, blondehaired, blue-eyed Captain America will be black when Falcon takes over the persona. The boys’ club of comics is finally starting to be a little less douchey.



Volume 4 Issue 2


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